By the Karik website builder, any order, request, and modification can be added to your website.

Karik has a powerful module builder and widget builder with the ability to add different fields, which provides software development and is a good infrastructure for website programming

A simple corporate site builder

  • Price: 35$
    Annual renewal fee: 25%
  • Control Panel
  • Optimization infrastructure for search engines
  • Create unlimited pages, menus, and submenus
  • Site Service Management Module
  • Manage banners and social networks
  • Possibility to register and transfer the domain
  • Site Content Management by Advanced Editor
  • More Info

Advanced site builder

  • Price: 50$
    Annual renewal fee: 25%
  • *All features of a simple corporate site*
  • Product Management Module
  • News & Site Management Module
  • Photo gallery management module
  • Site Links Management Module
  • Download the Catalog Management Module
  • Ability to build custom modules
  • More Info

Customized Features of Karik

  • A custom module according to your request
  • Advanced Form
  • File manager
  • Online payment system
  • Shopping basket and product Management
  • Site membership
  • Send SMS, Email, and Telegram
  • Job Application Form
  • More info

Create your own website with far fewer click

More than 30 ready-made templates with the possibility of professional websites customization

Get Started

Report builder

Manage the required reports and fields, print and output Excel from them, along with display bar and line charts for reporting. Use the time interval in the reporting results and determine the access level in the reports of the Karik website builder.

Widget maker

The site's HTML code can be edited using the Karik site widget. You can also change the structure and appearance of each widget on the website and customize it

Form builder

The possibility of making any form with its data display and the ability to report and search form information with the ability to group the forms on the site. Use tracking code for users and keep track of the result of sending the form to them in the karik website builder software

Module maker

One of the key features of the Karik site builder is the system module maker. With this system, Html can modify all sections of the site, and also manage any field modules, and modify the layout of all sections as desired and appropriate to the design of the site.

File management

With this section, you can categorize, delete, and rename all site files. Also, manage add and edit folders and text files and use the links to download your most used files

File uploader

The ability to load multiple simultaneous images, control and validate them, along with determining the size and size of uploaded files that can be properly controlled on uploading site files. View thumbnail before uploading a photo file to select the appropriate file for the website.


Sub-system that allows you to send email and SMS after any activity. It is also possible to connect and sync with CRM software and accounting software in this system.

SMS management panel

By defining an SMS account, you can manage emails and messages on your site. It is also possible to connect to the whistleblower and reporting system so that it can help with the work of the site and the company by sending reports from the site and software attached to the website.

Make customize your website

The site template graphics are modified upon request by the employer, and are redesigned according to the order and requirements of the employer. From the simplest to the most advanced website.

Delivery site source to you

In the Karik site builder, CSS, Html, Java Script code will be delivered to you upon request, so that you can customize it and upload it to your web host.

Transfer website to new host

Founders of Karik site builder want that you have the least dependency on them, so if you ask, you can upload the site to other servers and hosts.

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